LED Lighting

JJS Green Solutions are offering specialist LED lighting design, supply and installation of home LED, commercial LED and industrial LED lighting solutions.

LED lighting is proving to be a very efficient modern alternative, and has many benefits over traditional light sources. The most apparent advantage of LED lighting is the reduction in power consumption; LED luminaries are much more efficient and therefore can significantly reduce your buildings overall power consumption.


Replacing just one of your lights for one of our LED lights can save you up to £30 per bulb PER YEAR


  • LED lights start up immediately, just like standard light bulb
  • LED lights can match the output of your current lights but cost up to 85% less to run
  • Good-quality LED bulbs can last 25,000 hours or more, meaning they can last more than 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs. That is a life of more than three years if run 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • Changing to LED lights will guarantee savings on your fuel bills.
  • Unlike incandescent bulbs — which release 90 percent of their energy as heat — LEDs use energy far more efficiently with little wasted heat.
  • LED lighting is a cost effective and simple way to lower your carbon footprint.

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