Free Cavity Wall Insulation

Did you know about a third of all the heat is lost through an uninsulated home?
Cavity-Wall-Insulation-Mark-Group-installation_smallHeat will always flow from a warm area to a cold one therefore in winter with the colder air outside, the faster the heat from your home can escape.

Most houses built from the 1990s will have insulated walls to keep the heat in but if your house is older it may not have any insulation.

What Can You Save?

Most types of walls can be insulated in one way or another. If you have a typical house with cavity wall insulation you could save up to £160* per year on your heating bills just from insulating the walls.

Depending on the type of your home you can save between £90 and £275* per year on your energy bills.

Is Cavity Wall Insulation Suitable For Your Home?

Your home will usually be suitable for cavity wall insulation if it falls into any of this criteria:

Its external walls are unfilled cavity walls.

Your cavity is at least 50mm wide.

The masonry or brickwork of your property is in good condition

It is more than 10 years old (most newer houses will have insulation already)

The walls are not exposed to driving rain.

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